The equation between happy employees and a productive business is a simple one. Happy employees = Happy Clients = Happy Business. The happier your employees, the higher the profits and better the productivity.

At Mousai, our mission is equally simple: To harness music and movement to help both individuals and teams gradually and steadily achieve their finest potential.
In the process, they learn how to manage stress, shed inhibitions, build self expression and achieve inner peace. In short, individuals in sync with themselves are in sync with their team members and the work place- which is great for business!

The use of vibrational sound is a time tested modality to build self awareness and achieve peace of mind. The energy of sound works like medicine on multiple levels with a singular purpose: the productivity that comes through positivity.

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Productivity + Performance + Positivity.

At Mousai, we believe that sound and movement are meant to create a space that helps people be the best they can be, convert potential to performance and strengthen inter-personal bonds. The change in pace and attention to a non -work related activity gives employees time to sharpen the saw ,and work with renewed enthusiasm. Sound and movement are powerful forces that can impact you on a cellular level, lead to an increased flow of energy in the body, facilitate positive emotions and release energy blocks.This leads to

Increased Productivity & Performance

Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by as high as 20 per cent

Increased sales

By as much as 37 per cent due to improved self confidence and self expression in employees (Source: Forbes)

Improves the quality of leadership

As we know, workplace wellness is a partnership between employee and employer necessitating trust. When the communication between the two improves, everything falls in place. CEO’s performing better in leadership positions are more likely to lead teams of employees who are both happy, healthy and high-performing.

Happy employees=good news.

The stock prices of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for" rose 14% per year from 1998 to 2005, while companies not on the list only reported a 6% increase. [Source: Forbes]

our core program offerings

Impactful Micro Learning

Our power packed Impactful Micro Learning can be facilitated as an in-house session or integrated as a plug-in into your offsite retreats.

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Full day workshop

Experience a deep exploratory session with the power of music and movement and take home a personal practice tool kit.

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One – on – One sessions

One - on - one sessions can be pre- booked and are a perfect reward to gift exceptional performers or simply an employee that needs a rejuvenating break

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Customized programs and retreats

Mousai offers highly customized programs tailor made to suit the needs of your organisation. We are happy to talk to you more about our work

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Sound Spa – Group Relaxation Session

The Sound Spa is the perfect solution for a group to relax, rewind and ultimately reanimate itself even as it eases the pace a bit and embraces the music of different instruments.

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open sessions and workshops

Our open workshops offer those interested individuals/groups that are not a part of any corporate organization a chance to experience music and movement as instruments of self care.

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our Awesome clients

Discover The Secret Of Happy Life

Mousai offers highly customized programs tailor made to suit the needs of your organisation. We are happy to talk to you more about our work in the areas of emotional expression,creativity, team building and vision boarding to customize a program design or offsite retreat for you.

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